Béns d'Avall 1971-2023

After walking several miles along this path between the sea and the sky, it is clear that you are in a unique place, the Sierra de Tramontana. Welcome to our universe.

The cuisine of Béns d’Avall offers a different way of discovering the uniqueness of the Balearic gastronomy. It does so, by placing value on the products that we grow ourselves in our orchards and the way we do it: permaculture, or in other words, the utmost respect for the diversity that nature provides us with.

Our dishes also reflect our history, our millenary roots which like the old olive trees that embellish the Sierra de Tramontana, it also transmits the richness and variety provided by the civilisations that have lived here before us.

We invite you to enjoy a revealing experience in which we have carefully chosen each ingredient, not only to try to achieve culinary excellence, but also to support local producers who defend the biodiversity and generosity of mother earth.

Carretera de Deyá, km.56, Sóller, Majorca